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The SEC’s Clawback Proposal: Our Recommendations from a Value Management Perspective

In Pursuit of Long-Term Sustainable Alpha


We have been following the developments in clawback policies in compensation very closely over the last several years. In this article we introduce the SEC’s latest proposal on clawbacks (Proposed Rule 10D-1) and provide recommendations to affected companies. Our recommendations are based on our expertise in value based management and look to strengthen the alignment of company management and shareholders. But first, we share a brief introduction to clawbacks for our readers who may not be familiar with them.
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Should my Firm Hedge?

Should my firm hedge?
In the first article of this two-part series on hedging, we discussed two best practices in hedging policy management. In this article – part two of the series – we ask a precursor question: should my firm be hedging? The answer to this question will vary by firm and will depend on the circumstances surrounding the decision to hedge. Answering this question first requires asking a few other questions:
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Hedging Policy Management

In an economic environment with a strengthening dollar, a weakening euro and yen, and a steady anticipation of interest rate hikes in the US, the topic of currency hedges comes closer to the spotlight particularly for multinational firms with presence in the US, Europe, and/or Asia. As a result, firms with greater currency risks that have not previously hedged currency may be evaluating whether now is a good time to start. As the experts in value management, value strategy, and value creation, we outline below two items of importance in implementing and managing a hedging policy.

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