Financial Policy

The modern Chief Financial Officer (CFO) does not work in isolation from other areas of the business; rather, the finance function is intricately tied to all areas of the business, as they work in tandem to create sustainable shareholder value.

We leverage our integrated value framework to provide long-term, comprehensive solutions. We work closely with our clients to create world-class financial policies, practices, and tools to help organizations maximize the value of their firms.

Stern Value Management is an innovator and pioneer in the field of Financial Policy, as the creator of both the Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added (EVA®) models. We are at the forefront of modern corporate finance. Our distinguished record of success in corporate finance advisory is the direct result of our deep understanding of markets and the factors that affect stock prices, bond yields, and enterprise value. By penetrating the veneer of Wall Street myths and identifying what really matters to investors, we are able to help clients execute policies and transactions that produce reliable results.

We have worked with hundreds of organizations around the world to implement our frameworks to help our clients create tangible and enduring value. We offer our expert advice in the following areas: