Strategy is a key lever of value. A common mistake among organizations is to establish a strategy and game plan without a focus on long-term value creation. That is, strategies can be set and justified by analyzing "bottom-line" growth, without taking into consideration the investment requirements necessary to achieve that growth. Is this the right approach to deliver long-term shareholder returns?

As the world’s leading advisor on Value Strategy, we leverage our deep understanding of the drivers of value. We recommend to our clients robust strategies strongly linked to long-term shareholder value creation. Once we identify a winning game plan, we translate the plan into a set of actionable processes to execute the strategy.

We also utilize our value expertise in strategic planning, a key support function to Value Strategy. We work with our clients to implement best-in-class practices in Value Management. Our services include setting operational performance targets and aligning them with investors’ growth expectations. We analyze the performance of divisions and consolidated companies under a value lens, to identify key strategic areas of opportunity.

Below is a summary of areas in which our clients seek our expertise:
  • Strategy
    • Value Strategy
    • Geographic Risk Assessment
    • Business Portfolio Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
    • Target and Goal Setting
    • Valuation and M&A
    • Value Audit & Benchmarking
    • Value Driver Analysis
    • Value Gap Analysis