Intellectual Property

Our firm has a unique history as the pioneer in the area of value management. This history starts soon after our founding, when in 1983, we developed the Economic Value Added® metric to measure the value that companies generate. This later led to our development of a value-based management system to align all company processes and employees with company value creation. Today, we are the experts on all issues concerning value, especially the ties between value creation and operations, strategy, financial policy, and governance.

As the thought leaders on value, we publish our insights and expertise via different media.

The EVAluation

These are white papers published by SVM consultants. We write about our latest research and views on value.

Books & Publications

We have published several books on the topics of value creation and value management.

Proprietary Tools

Since our founding, we have developed various tools and metrics to measure value. These include frameworks for measuring the value of organizations and the value that firms generate.