Social Impact

We make a difference both in the way that we work and the results that our work generates. We help to improve the communities in which we work.

We believe that business should be conducted in a holistic manner with value creation for all key stakeholders. By fostering an environment in which value is created not just for share-holders but also for the other key stakeholders that permit businesses to successfully exist, we know that we can create a virtuous circle that creates value for all. This healthy environ-ment benefits employees, customers, vendors, and the communities in which we operate.

One recent study showed that companies that implement our value management systems generate tangible benefits for the greater community. Over a 10-year period, our clients have driven greater growth in employment than firms represented in global MSCI bench-mark indices.

In addition to the work that we perform, we leverage our human capital to help advance every region in which we do business. Our commitment to mobilize and support consultants in volunteerism, scholarship, and non-profit endeavors ensures that others can share in our growth and success.