• "Growth has not slowed down since introducing EVA®. It has allowed us to grow with confidence that we’re growing the right way, but by no means has it slowed anything down." Lee Matecko, Global Vice President of Store Development of Whole Foods
  • "We believe that EVA® will provide a measurement and incentive system that can unify the varied goals of all of our 14,000 team members to one overriding goal of creating additional shareholder value." John Mackey, co-founder & co-CEO of Whole Foods
  • "The EVA® framework naturally complements our long-standing goal of maintaining financial health and sound business practices, and will help us maintain our focus on capital stewardship and value creation for our customers, employees, and shareholders. EVA® will help us to enhance our ownership culture, and further encourage managers to think like shareholders." Dean Taylor, Past Chairman & CEO of Tidewater
  • "We are equally committed to creating wealth and value for shareholders, and one way we do so is through our unwavering commitment to Economic Value Added. This enterprise-wide metric provides a consistent and transparent way to translate strategy into investment decisions and compensate all key managers in the Company based on performance. EVA® discipline also drove our restructuring initiatives in the fourth quarter of 2008. As the economic climate deteriorated, we took necessary countermeasures that included rationalizing facilities, renegotiating contracts, amending benefit plans and trimming our global workforce. These initiatives should save more than $50 million per year." Salvatore Fazzolari, Past Chairman & CEO of Harsco
  • "I think that EVA® and MVA bring a number of potential benefits to management and analysis of insurance companies. First, this approach systematically and consistently introduces the cost of capital into the analysis. This is especially relevant in the current operating environment, where capital management is perhaps the main discretionary value creation tool available to insurance companies. Second, and related to the first point, EVA® and MVA provide a framework for analyzing the value implications of differing capital structures and acquisitions, which can then be weighed against such factors as rating consequences. Third, it provides a direct (if theoretical) link between economic performance and stock performance." Ronald Frank, Smith Barney
  • "The Williams EVA® implementation, in our view, is an important sign among others that the company’s culture is changing for the better. As EVA® metrics will be the primary driver for pay, we believe this is a big positive as we have been pressing management teams to shift compensation policies away from EPS growth and toward EVA® and/or free cash flow growth." Scott Solar, Morgan Stanley Research