Company Profile

We are a management consulting firm focused on designing and implementing internal governance systems.

We align companies and their management teams with the goal of maximizing long-term, sustainable, shareholder value.

Over three decades, more than 900 firms have implemented our program.

An Objective, Fact-based and Actionable Approach

Objectivity is our pledge. We will never recommend something we ourselves would not implement. We view it as our responsibility. Thus, we provide highly objective, insightful, fact-based, and actionable advisory services to our clients.

We pride ourselves in our intellectual property. The tools that we have spent years developing and perfecting, like Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added, are taught at every major business school around the world.

We owe our existence to our Founder and Late Chairman and CEO, Joel Stern. His contributions to the fields of Management and Corporate Finance made us who we are and we will strive to continue his thought leadership legacy.

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