Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Contractors

Capturing Value Creation Among Prime A&D Contractors through VBM - Value Based Management ™ and Economic Value Added (EVA®)


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What is Value Based Management?

Stern’s VBM - Value Based Management™ services address all management practices and processes of a client company in order to generate superior growth and long-term capital returns. Firms that publicly announce a VBM implementation consistently outperform benchmark indices.

Solutions for Every Business Type

We advise CEOs and their top management teams on how to apply value principles to solve pressing business issues. Our services are built on a foundation of Value-Based Management, Value-Focused Variable Compensation, and Capital Allocation, then tailored based on industry, size, and sector.

Fortune 500 Firms

Maximize long-term shareholder value within the framework of highly developed corporate processes.

Investment Funds/Private Equity

Align interests of senior management teams with that of LPs while allowing them to operate independently.

Russel 2000 Companies

Deploy world-class management systems for shareholders without losing strategic or operational flexibility.

Family Owned Businesses

Realize best-in-class internal governance systems without relinquishing entrepreneurial spirit.

"Financial Strategy in Times of Uncertainty"

How do you prepare your company for uncertainty? This article explains how to incorporate severe stress scenarios into a financial strategy framework.


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About EVA®

Our firm has a unique history as a pioneer in the area of value management. In 1983 we developed the Economic Value Added® metric to measure value that companies generate which led to the development of our Value-Based Management system. EVA® is now recognized and widely adopted by many of the world's most successful management teams.

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