Aligning Management with Shareholders

You are a small to medium-sized firm looking to have a world-class management system aligned with maximizing long-term sustainable shareholder value without losing the flexibility to adjust your strategy and operations to changing times – we can help.

We work with clients in all industries and all corners of the globe while providing tailored recommendations that suit the needs and realities of our clients.

A key service we offer to Russel 2000 firms is the development of robust strategies linked to long-term shareholder value creation and then execute them as a set of actionable processes.

In addition to the key services we provide to Russel 2000 firms, we also offer:

  • Transaction advisory (together with SSCP)
  • Cost of capital calculation
  • Strategic target-setting
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Capital structure advisory

Key Services

  • EVA® Value-Based Management implementation
  • Capital allocation advisory
  • Value-gap analysis
  • Value-focused variable compensation plan design and implementation
  • Executive education
"Our commitment to EVA® has consistently yielded strong cash flow and earnings. We built the scale to grow with our global customers, with greater access to global end markets, market-leading product lines on both sides of our business, and support services that deliver real value. Over this period, both sales and operating earnings have grown twentyfold."  — Chairman and CEO of Russell 2000 company

Ready to Create Value?

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