Bridging the Performance Gap

You are a family-owned firm that is looking for a best-in-class internal governance system but do not want to relinquish the entrepreneurial spirit instilled by previous generations – we can help.

When it comes to family-owned businesses, the most important asset of any organization is its people.

Our diverse team of consultants are united by a shared passion to help our clients unlock the potential value in their employees and teams as internal entrepreneurs and partners in the creation of value.

In addition to the key services we provide to Family-Owned firms, we also offer:

  • Transaction advisory (together with SSCP)
  • Cost of capital calculation
  • Strategic target-setting
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Capital structure advisory

Key Services

  • EVA® Value-Based Management implementation
  • Capital allocation advisory
  • Executive education
  • Value-focused variable compensation plan design and implementation
"It is common sense that the challenge of corporate management increases by the number and the degree of diversity of activities. Nevertheless, the unique concepts of [Stern Value Management] support us to exercise control while not limiting the scope of our managers."  — Adi Godrej, Chairman of The Godrej Group

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