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We are the creators of the Economic Value Added (EVA®) metric and experts on all issues concerning value, especially the ties between value creation and operations, strategy, financial policy, and governance.

Economic Value Added (EVA®) measures the wealth a company creates (or destroys) each year. It is a company’s after-tax profit from operations minus a charge for the cost of all capital employed to produce those profits – not just the cost of debt, but the cost of equity as well.

EVA® can be drilled down to a business unit, geographical area, project, client, product or service. It allows us to measure value creation at the most basic level of a corporation’s operations, greatly improving decision making.

Client Training

In an intensive, all-day Economic Value Added (EVA®) seminar for senior managers, Stern Value Management explains how public and private companies use EVA® to measure their progress, motivate their people, and increase shareholder value.

You will learn the concepts that helped hundreds of companies around the world achieve superior returns for their shareholders.

EVA® Workshop Fundamentals

  • The definition of Economic Value Added
  • Who uses EVA® and why
  • Why EVA® is superior to all other financial measures (EPS, ROI, free cash flow) — Free Cash Flow (FCF)
  • How EVA® drives shareholder wealth
  • How to increase EVA®
  • The right way to link EVA® to incentive compensation
  • How to successfully implement EVA® in your company


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