Making Managers into Owners

You are a large firm with highly developed corporate processes, but understands these processes and your operations could be better aligned with the objective of maximizing long-term sustainable shareholder value — we can help.

Our diverse team of consultants are united by a shared passion to help our clients unlock the potential value in their employees and teams as internal entrepreneurs and partners in the creation of value.

We have partnered with many Fortune 500 companies to maximize the value of their enterprises, delivering solutions that are tailored to the needs and realities of each client.

In addition to the key services we provide to Fortune 500 firms, we also offer:

  • Executive education
  • Capital allocation advisory
  • Cost of capital calculation
  • Strategic target-setting
  • Peer benchmarking

Key Services

  • EVA® Value-Based Management implementation
  • Portfolio analysis and performance measurement
  • Value-gap analysis
  • Value-focused variable compensation plan design and implementation
"I have frequently engaged [Stern Value Management] for advice regarding corporate valuations, financial planning issues, and incentive compensation design. I value their practical solutions to complex problems and the firm foundations of their recommendations in theoretical economics and finance."  — Former Chairman and CEO, Fortune 500 firm

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