Value Maximization Strategies

You are looking to align the interests of your operating units/investment and their senior management with yours and that of your Limited Partners while allowing them to operate without exercising continuous control – we can help. 

Our Investment Fund and Private Equity clients place great value on our ability and willingness to provide highly objective, insightful, fact-based, and actionable advisory. We have partnered with many of these firms to help them become top value creation leaders in their industries.

In addition to the key services we provide to Investment Fund and Private Equity firms, we also offer:

  • Executive education
  • Capital allocation advisory
  • Cost of capital calculation
  • Strategic target-setting
  • Peer benchmarking

Key Services

  • EVA® Value-Based Management implementation
  • Portfolio analysis and performance measurement
  • Value-gap analysis
  • Value-focused variable compensation plan design and implementation
"EVA® more accurately reflects economic reality (as opposed to accounting reality) when compared with many traditional valuation measures, such as earnings-per-share, return on equity and free cash flow."  — Goldman Sachs, EVA Prime

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